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With a managed account, all funds provided by the client are held by Equiti Global Markets,
which is a registered trading name of Divisa UK Limited, incorporated in the UK (Company Registered Number: 07216039). The money manager has no access to these funds other than for trading. The broker, Equiti, calculates and pays all profit share, commission and management fee amounts and remits them to the money manager as appropriate on a monthly basis. Clients can limit or completely stop trading at the touch of a button. Funds can be withdrawn with complete ease at any time.

Profit share for the Money Manager is 30%, calculated monthly on the High Water Mark principle. This means that no profit sharing can take place in any month unless the account is at a higher level of equity than it had been at the end of the previously highest month, no matter how far in that past that might be.

The Money Manager is also entitled to an annual management fee of 2%, payable in advance, calculated on the equity in the account at the time that the fee is payable.

There are a number of steps to opening a managed account:

Step 1. Fill in a Live Trading account application with Equiti. You start this process by providing your contact details and clicking "Next". Go here to do this (you will be redirected to Equiti).

Your account will have to be verified and approved. This could take a small amount of time. If you need assistance with the account opening process, or if you need to find out the status of your application, please contact Equiti directly at:

Phone: +44 203 519 2657

Email: support@equity.com

Equiti Global Markets,
69 Wilson Street,
London EC2A 2BB

Step 2.
Login to your client portal at https://my.equiti.com/

Use your email as your login, and the password you will have acquired as part of the account opening process.

Step 3
. Under the "My Accounts" tab, choose "Account list", and then click on "Managed Account", as seen below

After you select the managed account option you will be able to join the program by clicking the "Join Program" button:

Step 4
. The verification window appears, as below:

Select the Omicronforex Multi-Account Manager (MAM) program from the drop down list.
                 B. Tick the box to agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Limited Power of Attorney
                 C. Type in your full name, exactly as it is on the portal, and confirm your signature.
                 D. Enter the portal password (the same password you have used to log in to your client portal area)

Click "Join"

After you have requested to "Join" from your client portal, the account will be joined at 1700 EST and will participate in new trades that are opened after the joining.

You will be able to see the status of the account from the portal (floating P&L, equity, margin, leverage etc.) Details of opened and closed trades can be obtained by generating the account statement from the portal.

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