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Commentary October 26th 2017                                 

If you are serious about making money from Forex investment, you must know about algorithmic trading

While our trading algorithm takes profits at all times as currency pairs trend, and no matter in which direction the rate is moving, it also builds up hedges in order to (1) control risk and (2) capitalise on retraces when they occur. Periodically, trades become fully hedged. This has the effect of reducing gearing overall. Consequently, from time to time, gearing becomes quite low, often standing at less than two times equity. Then we open up trading in a new currency pair. We have different pairs in action in real-time in a number of our Research and Development accounts, from which we will choose new trading pairs after a statistical analysis of the most recent price action.

The system is designed so that the hedges will work their way out (either the hedge or the original balancing composite trade will reach its Take Profit level and be closed out). When that occurs the pair(s) concerned will be available for geared trading once more.

This is a safe system.

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